Memberships/Class Times

Experience the RMX difference. Our membership plans are unique. The most common type of CrossFit membership limits you to how many classes per week you can work out. Our membership plans let you get your workouts in on your schedule. Sick for a week? Gone on vacation or work keeping you late? With our monthly class plans you simply sign up for as many days of the week as you would like within your monthly limit. Spread your classes throughout the month however you choose.

10 classes per month: $95                   Couples: $170

14 classes per month: $115                 Couples: $210

Unlimited: $135                                  Couples: $240

Punch Card (10 classes): $140             Drop in: $15

Full Week: $50

All monthly memberships include FREE Saturday workouts (does not count towards classes per month total)

10% Discounts available for the following:
-Military/Police/Firefighters/First Responders  

(prices subject to tax)

Class Times:

Current CrossFit Classes
5:15am: Mon-Fri
5pm: Mon-Fri
6pm: Mon-Thurs
6pm: Friday Open Gym
Saturday WOD: 9am  Free for members and non-members with CrossFit experience
2016 Logston Blvd
Richland, WA 99354 (view larger map)